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Rilo Kiley/Jenny Lewis icons.

I have eleven Rilo Kiley/Jenny Lewis lyric icons. 1. Better Son/Daughter, 2. Jenny, You're Barely Alive, 3. Melt Your Heart, 4. The Angels Hung Around, 5&6. The Absence of God, 7. We'll Never Sleep, 8. Xmas Cake, 9. Under The Blacklight, 10 The Angels Hung Around. Please credit me or this journal if you use them.

 Some icons I made off a couple of songs by The Veronicas...credit and comments are always appreciated.

 I've got a new set up at my graphics journal.  http://community.livejournal.com/the_dreamisgone/


More icons

  I've made a heap more icons...Stevie Nicks lyrics mostly, but with a couple of Lindsey Buckingham ones thrown in.

One is from Bleed to Love Her, two is from Crystal, three is from Destiny Rules,  four is from Sleeping Angel, five is from Enchanted, six is from Fall From Grace, seven and eight are from Frozen Love, nine to sixteen are from Goodbye Baby, 17 is from Nightbird, 18 to 25 are from Planets of the Universe (not the Trouble in Shangri-la version), 26 and 27 are from Sleeping Angel, 28 is from Sorcerer, 29 to 31 are from The Chain, 32 is from Thrown Down, 33 to 38 are from Too Far From Texas, 39 to 44 are from Touched By An Angel, 45 is from Trouble in Shangri-la, and 46 is from What Makes You Think You're The One? I hope you you like them, please comment if you take any of them, and credit if you use them.

Icons and Requests

 Some more Stevie Nicks lyric icons. I've decided to take requests, so if there is a specific lyric you want iconed, let me know, and state which style you want it in (paper, stars, bright etc) and I'll do it.
One and nine are from Bella Donna, two and three are from Enchanted, four is from Outside The Rain, five is from Races are Run, six to eight are from Reconsider Me, 10 and 12 are from Doing the Best That I Can (Escape From Berlin), 13 is from Everyday and 14 is from Somebody Stand By Me.
1. 2.3.4.


I got a bunch more Stevie Nicks lyric icons. Hope you like them. If you take some, comment and tell me whcih, and please credit.  By the way, the star textures are by thor_i_lover.

1. 2.3.4.

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These three are song lyrics on a picture drawn by Stevie Nicks from Nicksfix.com, and edited and made into icons by me.

These pictures are also from nicksfix.com, and edited and iconed by me.